The National Business Aviation Association’s mission statement is, “To foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world.” With a history that dates back to 1947, they’ve done just that. Now partnered with 10,000 Member Companies who have annual revenues of around $5 trillion, NBAA is instrumental in terms of international aviation policy and improvement of air traffic systems. Regularly focused on issues such as aviation safety, operational efficiency, business aviation advocacy, and equal access, The ASA Group’s Ground Handling and Air Charter benefit greatly from our long standing membership. To find out more of the wonderful things this organization is doing for the aviation community click here.


The Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) represents major operators, aircraft manufacturers, aviation service providers, business aviation users as well as finance and insurance providers throughout the region. AsBAA fosters the highest degree of operational efficiency and safety, while at the same time providing support and advocacy for business aviation in Asia. As ground handling and air charter professionals, The ASA Group is honoured to be part of an organization with such a strong focus on business aviation safety in the area. To discover more about AsBAA, upcoming events, and industry news – click here.


With over 500 members, the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has a history that dates back to 1977. The ASA Group’s membership to EBAA is a testimony to our continued due diligence and strive towards unified international standards across the industry. Click here to learn more about the EBAA, upcoming events, and industry news.


Founded in 2009, the Malta Business Aviation Association’s (MBAA) goal is to bring excellence and professionalism to support high quality safety and operational efficiency. In terms of the ground handling and air charter services that we provide at The ASA Group, we find it a great pleasure to be active members of this prestigious organization committed to business aviation excellence. From setting up a successful aircraft register in Malta to addressing the challenges of the Maltese Civil Aviation Act, the MBAA continues to tackle important industry issues.


ARGUS has been an industry name since 1995. As a specialized aviation organization it provides unbiased, factually based programs that confirms Charter Brokers follow compliance and industry best practices. The ASA Group benefits from being a Certified Charter Broker with the more than 5,000 aircraft and 21,000 professional pilots validated through the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) system. This system ensures legitimacy, safety history, training, certifications, insurance, and background checks. To learn more about ARGUS CHEQ ratings view their pdf.



Being a TRACE Certified member is a badge of honor for us which certifies that The ASA Group is committed to commercial transparency. Recognized as the gold standard in due diligence with international coverage of over 130 countries TRACE enforces anti-bribery and compliance regulations. Across our Ground Handling, Air Charter, Security, and Luxury Concierge Services we uphold these guidelines to the highest of standards. Click here to find out more about the great work TRACE is doing.



As members of these organizations, we send Ground Handling and Air Charter representatives each year to:

  • NBAA – BACE (Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) – Bringing together over 26,000 aviation professionals from around the world.
  • IOC (International operators conference) – A four day conference dedicated to the best in operational and regulatory information for aircraft planning, operations and international business aviation.
  • LC (Leadership Conference) – A two day conference focused on business aviation leaders and executives.


We are proud of the relationships that we’ve created in the region and proudly send members of our team to represent The ASA Group at:

  • AsBAA – ABACE (Asian Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition); Shanghai –Bringing together over 8,500 aviation professionals and decision makers integral to business aviation in Asia.
  • Southeast Asia Modern Airport Summit; Jakarta, Indonesia – A platform for government authorities and business aviation professionals to meet, network, and share knowledge.

For luxury concierge:

  • The Thailand Yacht Show – In coordination with the Thai government this event combines all aspects of yacht charter, boating and luxury lifestyle events.
  • The Singapore Yacht Show – A representation of the luxury lifestyle. World-class yachts, glamorous parties, and high-end entertaining are just a few of the highlights.
  • ILTM Asia (International Luxury Travel Market Asia) – An invitation only event where the world’s best luxury travel professionals meet.


With working relationships dating back to 1999, we make it a point to meet face-to-face with those that we’ve been serving year after year at:

  • EBAA – EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) – Bringing over 13,200 business leaders, government officials, manufacturers and business aviation professionals together. EBACE is the premier business aviation event in Europe.
  • MBA Summit (Mediterranean Business Aviation) – A platform for manufacturers and operators interested in the future of business aviation to network with leading experts in the Mediterranean.